Call for Exhibishion

  • In parallel with the conference, there will be exhibitions where products and services related to the topics of the conference can be presented. ICCE 2014 will provide exhibitors with:

    • Exhibition space, in a special area of the conference venue.
    • Some materials such as tables, chairs.
    • Other resources (on demand).

    Companies wishing to exhibit products or services of interest to the ICCE 2014 attendees are requested to submit a letter or e-mail of intends with the following information:

    • A short description of the company.
    • A short description of the products or services to be exhibited.
    • The minimum amount of exhibit space needed (e.g., the number of tables needed).
    • Other requirements (e.g.,power plugs etc.).

    All proposals and inquiries should be submitted by e-mailing to

    Important Dates

    • Proposal     :  Jan. 31, 2014
    • Registration:  Mar. 2, 2014


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